Scanned military manuals, converted to PDF-Files

This might be in my head only, but I think information should be free and available to everyone.
So I decided to share my PDF-manuals with all of you, and hope you will do the same.
It is not my intention to create the biggest platform on this, but what I get, I put online.
You will find non-ammunition files here as well, but my intention is to publish mainly manuals on ordnance.

By clicking a country below, a list shows with the titles of manuals I have here in my computer.
All the red links direct you immediately to the PDF-file.
As some of the files are quite big, you best "right-click" and "save as", to download it directly to your computer.

All downloads are FREE. Help to make this FREE list longer!
Do you have a scanned grenade or mine manual that's not listed here?
Share it please!

BELGIAN manuals (7)

BRITISH manuals (40)

BULGARIAN manual (1)

CZECH manuals (5)

DUTCH manuals (39)

FRENCH manuals (9)

GERMAN manuals <1945 (100+)

GERMAN manuals >1946 (7)

ITALIAN manual (4)

POLISH manual (4)

RUSSIAN manuals (6)

SPANISH manuals (1)

SWISS manuals (2)

US manuals (60)

YUGOSLAVIAN manuals (3)

I'm looking for the WW2 German manual "Kennblatt Fremden Gerates D50 Heft 7 (Beobachtungs und Vermessungs Gerate)".
Please let me know if you can help me with it.


I have some original manuals for sale, check

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