Click on the names below to see a description of each grenade type.

Before 1945 :

M 17   M12/25   Kragujevac   M35 Defensive  
M35 Offensive   M38 Defensive   M38 Offensive   M45 defensive  
altered British No.15   altered Italian Brixia     BIOKOVKA  
"No.1" Unknown model ww2   "No.2" Unknown model ww2  "PARTIZANKA-DRVAR" 1941   Official souvenir grenade. 

HE grenades 1945-1991 :

M38/45  M38/46   M47  M50   M52  
M65   M69   M75   M79   RPG 43  

Chemical 1945-1991 :

M49 stickgrenade   RB M1   RB M2  LRB M3   
BRS AF-1S  BRS M79 AF-1   BRS M79 AF-2   BRS M79 AG-1   BRS M79 AG-2 
RB M403   RB M404   RDB M83   BRZ M88    

Practice- and Training grenades :

Here are some Practice and Training grenades, all periods.
I guess the list should be must longer, but I know only these so far.

M52 practice , M52 throwing dummy

Stickgrenade, rubber dummy

M69 practice , VBR M-75 practice

M79 practice , ŠBRK-M80


I have created a separate page for Yugoslavian
RIFLEGRENADES, as there are so many versions.
CLICK HERE to see the types listed so far.


SFR Yugoslavia finished to exist as a single state in 1991, at the start of the civil war.
As a result there were six ex-Yugoslavian federal states:
Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.
The Hand- and Riflegrenades used by these states (from 1991) are described in their own sections.