Total length : 360mm
Length w/o stick : 150mm
Diameter : 76mm
Weight : 1,07kilo
Filling : Spotting charge

Black painted body, white markings.

The manual for this practice grenade can be downloaded HERE.

The grenade on the photo is missing the safety lever and the small parachute.

On the right: these parts had to be re-fitted to make the grenade complete for re-use.
Lever, pin and parachute-assembly.
Ofcourse the grenade also used a new cartridge.

Photo on the right and below © Tony.

Photo below shows a case in which these UPG-8's were held.
Also in the box are all spare parts for re-use of the grenades after throwing.

Achtung Deutsch sammler :
Ein von mein freunden aus Deutschland hat mir das folgende geschrieben :

"Die Handgranate UPG-8 ist in Deutschland als SCHUSSWAFFE nach dem Waffengesetz eingestuft, was viele nicht wissen !
Bitte setze diesen Hinweis auf Deine Seite, um Sammler zu informieren".

Photo on the right ©