I got some of the Romanian grenades info from
http://www.ummija.ro/Egrenade.htm .

Fuze on all models shown below is called FG-M1.

The Offensive grenade shown right and below/left was found in the Russian Federation, and appears to be a Polish license manufactured for Romania. According to Francesco it was called "MAN 1939".
Below/right is the Defensive version.


Click on the image on the right to see more Romanian F1 grenades.


The M92 is manufactured by RomArm and exists in two forms; defensive and offensive.

Specifications : Def. / Off. :

Total length : 98mm / 86mm
Length w/o fuze : 119mm / 122mm
Diameter : 40mm / 61mm
Total weight : 205gram / 310gram


This RomArm manufactured grenade exist in three forms.
Offensive, Defensive with sleeve and as hollow charge (armour piercing).

Specifications :

Total length : 108mm (def-off) / 123mm(hollow charge)
Diameter : 48mm
Total weight : 560gram (def) , 150gram (off)
Fuze : FGM-1 (off/def) or FGP-1 (hollow charge)

GMAC stun