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At the start of the civil war in 1991, almost half of Bosnia was a warzone, fought-over by various troop formations.Bosnian muslims formed their own army and bosnian croats at the same time formed their own army.
These two armies fought against serb troops untill 1993 when bosnian croats and bosnian muslims started their own war against eachother which lasted till 1994. The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina was better than in Croatia because majority of ex-Yugoslavian pre-war military factories were located in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The factory SRB(Slavko Rodić in the city of Bugojno) which was the major Yugoslavian pre-war factory for making grenades was in non-occupied part of Bosnia. SRB factory began mass production of grenades for Bosnian army at the end of 1992, but one factory was inadequate for mass grenade production in the short term and so many other factories (civil and ex-Yugoslavian military) in non occupied parts of Bosnia switched their line of production to grenade production.
Bosnian war-made grenades vary from very primitive to very sophisticated types, depending in which factory they were made. Also many of them were produced in cities surrounded by serbian troops and under constant shelling, using all available material. The production was simplified in order to make the mass number of grenades in short term for defending against serbian agression. The explosive fillings varied from normal military explosives to civil mining industry and also locally made explosive mixtures. Many of those bosnian war-grenades didn't have any official name, so most of them were populary called amongst Bosnian soldiers by the city of origin (the city in which that grenade was produced).
After the end of war in 1995, the factory UNIS KOMERC begun to produce copy of M75 (not that Croatian copy) grenade for newly formed Army of Federation Bosnia & Herzegovina. All other war made grenades were destroyed.

Grenades produced between 1991-1995 :

M93  M94   M95   PKL   PKL M62  

Field improvisations :

transport can

37mm HE-shell

Chemical grenades :

Goraždanka CS