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This improvised hand grenade was made by croats or bosnian croats in 1992.
It was found in one of the empty bunkers in western part of the bosnia.
It is made from the plastic transportation can for yugoslavian grenade
The can has a 6 mm hole in diameter in its upper part and was filled with Vitezit V20 explosive mixed with nails, screws and bolts for better fragmentation.

Photos and info © Goran.

The fuze of the grenade is pyrotechnical slow-burning fuze which has detonator No.8 on it's end.
It is a locally made improvisation made, probably made in the first line of the battlefield.

Total length(with fuze) : 148 mm
Length(without the fuze) : 110 mm
Diameter : 72 mm
Weight : unknown
Filling : around 300 grams of Vitezit V20
Fuze delay : 6-7 seconds