All photos and information thanks to Andrew Edgcombe.

Grenade bodies were produced by several different companies, but it seems they were all filled by the Ford company, who filled some 5.7 Million Mills bombs at the Seaview-plant during WWII.


Drill and HE No36 Mk1 made by Anderson Engineering Christchurch NZ, identified by the "A" below the filler plug.
Anderson Engineering was a big engineering business that today is well known for the manufacture of boilers.



Mason & Porter, now known as Masport, produced lawn mowers, vacuum pumps and others.
Still in operation today in Auckland NZ.

They manufactured both Drill and HE No.36 Mk1 Grenades.
Pictured are two Drill grenades, identified by MP below filler plug.



Booth MacDonald Foundry Christchurch NZ manufactured both HE and Drill No.36 Mk1 grenades.
"BoothMac" was famous in NZ for manufacturing farm water pumps of which some are still pumping water around farms in NZ after long years of service.

Pictured are Drill and HE Booth MacDonald grenades identified by BM below the filler plug.



Scott Brothers Christchurch NZ manufactured No.36's.
During the Second World War the company manufactured munitions including several million hand grenades, half a million two inch mortar bomb bodies, and ammunition boxes and also enamel drinking mugs for the forces.

At that time much of the manufacturing equipment needed could not be imported so Scott Bros built the lathes needed for machining the grenades.
Pictured are two HE Scott Brothers Grenades,one with shellack finish the other with Black enamel paint, Scott Brothers also made drill grenades. All are identified by SB below the filler plug.



Unknown manufacturer.
Marked BMP below the filler plug.

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