For a lot of types I had to refer to Darryl's book on British grenades.
The TGRM was about the only book to give proper info on the rare models.
I still have quite some work filling in the blank pages. If anyone has photos of these to share, let me know.

Click on the names below to see additional information.

Numbered series :

No.1   No.2  No.2-rifle   No.3   No.4   No.5  
No.6  No.7  No.8  No.9  No.10   No.11  
No.12   No.13 / 14   No.15   No.16   No.17   No.18  
No.19  No.20   No.21  No.22   No.23   No.23-rifle  
No.24   No.25   No.26  No.27  No.27-rifle   No.28  
No.29   No.30  No.31   No.32   No.33   No.34  
No.35   No.36   No.36-rifle   No.37   No.38   No.39  
No.40  No.41   No.42   No.43   No.44  No.45  
No.46  No.47  No.48   No.49  No.50  No.51  
No.52  No.53  No.54   No.55   No.56  No.57  
No.58   No.59   No.60   No.61   No.62   No.63  
No.64  No.65  No.66   No.67  No.68   No.69  
No.70   No.71   No.72  No.73  No.74   No.75  
No.76   No.77   No.78   No.79   No.80   No.81  
No.82   No.83   No.84  No.85   No.86   No.87  
No.88  No.89  No.90  No.91   No.92   No.93 
No.94   No.95          


Mills practice grenades


Generator Smoke No.5 , Generator Smoke No.8

Other <1945 :

Battye  Newton-Pippin   Townsend  Home Guard training   Thunderflash Mk6 
Incendiary 1.25Lbs   GP Prototype SOE  Generator Smoke No.8   Generator Lachrymatory No.2   
Bomb, Ground 6Lb  Bomb, Ground, Training MkII       

Clip, Carrier, Grenade

Allan provided the two pictures below.
Who has any info on these carrying clips?
I've never seen these before but maybe you can help.

L-series :

L1A1 anti-riot , L1 rifle ,L2 ,L3 ,L4 , L5 , L8 , L13 , L16 , XL21 , L28 , L35 , L36 ,
L37 , L38 , XL39 , L46 , L47 , L49 , L52 , L53 , L54 , L55 , L56 , Chorley , L60 , L64 , L65 , L66 ,
L67 ,
L68-L69-L70-L71 , L72 , L73 , XL79 , L83 , L84 , L86rifle , L87 , XL93 ,
L96 , L97 , L100 , L101 , L107 ,
L108 , L109 , L110 , L111 , XM0137A

Other :

No.1 Mk1 smoke arctic   Anti-Riot Irritant MkIII      
G60-09 Stun grenade     Type 220 Practice grenade, laser equipped    

Improvised post-ww2 grenades :

The grenades in the list below were types recovered from IRA activities. The scanned pictures come from a 1982 MOD-publication, thanks to Marco.


Mark 7

Mark 8

Mark 10

Mark 11

Mark 12

Mark 13

Mark 13B

Mark 13C

Mark 14

Unknown 1

Check the scanned manuals section for 6 british grenades manuals.

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