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Great help on modern Swiss grenades came from Werner Schumann, thanks!

"Old" grenades :

System Rubin     DHG 14  
DHG 16     WkDHG16  
DHG 17     Blinde DHG 17  
OHG 17/25     OHG 19  
DHG 32     Üb.DHG 32  
OHG 32     Üb.OHG 32  
OHG 40     Blinde OHG 40  
Handgranate 43     Blinde Handgranate 43  

BBWK 32   BWK 34    


HG 64


The Sektion für Munition, a group within what today is the Armasuisse, developed some grenades around 1960.
The head of the SfM, Mr. Cerf constructed several grenades with plastic body and an optional fragmentation sleeve.
The types are: HG 58 (stick grenade) , HG 59 (cylindrical body) , HG 60 (stick grenade) , HG 61 (cylindrical body).

SfM worked together with the company Stamag Thun. At first Stamag produced the prototype HGs. They started to improve the design and had some patents on the improvements. Only the cylindrical design was further developed.
The types are:
HG 62 , HG 63 , HG 64

The HG 63 was tested by the army and a slightly smaller type the
HG 64 was developed. The advantage of the HG 64 was not big enough.
Other prototypes were developed but the
HG 43 was not replaced until the HG 85 was introduced.

Do not confuse HG 62 and HG 63 (SfM) with HG 62 and HG 63 (MFA)
Munitionsfabrik Altdorf(MFA) developed also grenades at the same time.

> 1980's :

HG-77   HG-80   Mark. HG-80    
HG-85 / EUHG-85   Mark. HG-85   OHG-92   SIM. HG-93  

HG 85 LIVE demonstration set

Original name for this grenade is "Sortiment HG 85 für Demonstrationen".

The complete set shown on the right is used to demonstrate the effects of a detonating grenade.
This set consists of the following parts :
1 HG 85 body with an adapter
1 safety fuse with Detonator No.8
1 percussion igniter (Schlagzünder 83 = Swiss version of the German Anzünder DM69A1)
1 adhesive tape

Photo and information © W. Schumann

Destruction of a dud :

Photo below Markus.

Irritationskörper, flashbang




PLMP-7B teargas, link to France.

PLMP-7C smoke, link to France.

Both these grenades were in use with the Swiss police, who fired these with adapted Karabiner 31 (Swiss standard rifle WW2) with a shortened barrel and a fixed cup discharger. It is called Tränengswerfer 73 (TGW 73).
Also launched from this rifle was the
Lacrymogène F2 CS, link to France.
The TGW 73 was modified. It was used with the names Tränengaswerfer 91 (TW 91) oder Mehrzweckwerfer 73/91.