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WW1 grenades :

1913 Handgranate "Carbonit"

Discushandgranate 1913

Discushandgranate 1915



Kugelhandgranate Uhrwerks-zünder


Kugelhandgranate 1913

Kugelhandgranate 1915

Stielhandgranate 1915 Percussion

Stielhandgranate Brennzünder

Stielhandgranate M1916

Stielhandgranate Ersatz 1916

Stielhandgranate M1917

Stielhandgranate Ersatz (box)

Anti-Tank stickgrenade

Eihandgranate 1917

WW1 PRACTICE Stickgrenades

WW2 High Explosive grenades :

Eihandgranate 39

*Splittermantel für Eihandgranate*

Eihandgranate 39 Übung

Stielhandgranate 24 & 39

*Splittermantel für Stielhandgranate*

*Adapters for stickgrenades*

Stielhandgranate Übung

Stielhandgranate 43

Geballte Ladung

PanzerHandmine (sticky)

PanzerHandmine 3 (magnetic)

PanzerWurfmine L & Kz

HaftHohlladung 3 & 3½kilo

GewehrSprenggranate 30

1945 improvised grenade (0,5kg bomlet)

Stielhandgranate Beton

Volkshandgranate 45

Improvised Concrete egg-grenade


Nipolit grenades :

Nipolit Ei-hgr  Nipolit hgr (cylindrical)   Nipolit Taschenhgr 
Nipolit Stielhgr  Nipolit hgr with impact fuze   Nipolit Haftmine 500gram 


WW2 Chemical grenades :

Blendkörper 1H   Blendkörper 2H  Reizkörper  
Brandflasche   Nebelhandgranate 39   Nebelkerze 39 /39b  
Nebelhandgranate 41   NebelEihandgranate 42  Unknown Smoke charge 
HandRauchzeichen   RauchSichtzeichen, Orange   "shaving-stick"grenade (LandungsRauchzeichen) 

`Lachrymatory grenade`

Glasflaschen Gelbkreuz Kampfstoff

Luftwaffe MELDEBÜCHSE Land



Riflegrenades pre-1945 :

Gew.Spr.gr. 1913 , Gew.Spr.gr. 1914 , Gew.Spr.gr 1917

Gew.Spr.gr 30 , Gew.Pz.gr , Gr.Gew.Pz.gr 40

Gew.Pz.gr 46 , Gew.Pz.gr 61 , GG/P 40

Gew.B.gr 42 , Gew.Fs.Lt.gr , Gew.Prop.gr

Practice grenades (inert types)

I have seen many different practice (stick) grenades the last years. Throwing dummies I mean.
Most of them have bad or no markings, but look genuine. I'm looking for more photos on other types.
I can't tell if these are all German. They could be used and constructed by other nationalities.
Maybe someone knows something about the origin of these practice grenades.

Click on the photo on the right.


Pistol grenades :

Several types of pistol grenades were developed and used by the German Army in WW2.
For these specific grenades existed two different weapons, the normal smooth bore flare pistol, and the rifled barrel Kampfpistole.
Development of these special rounds started in the 1930's.

Click the image on the right to see some types that existed for the two different pistol types.

Another thing used in WW2 :
Luftwaffe signalling pyrotechnics launched from a 122mm tube.

Post-WW2 grenades :

M-DN 11   DM 19   DM 21   DM 24   DM 28  
DM 38   DM 41   DM 48   DM 51   DM 58  
DM 61   DM 78   DM 119     DT 11 B1  
M-DN 21   M-DN 61   M-DN 71   XM-305 A1   DT 21  


Click on the right photo to see some modern NICO Sound & Flash grenades.




Simulator Bodensprengpunkt DM12 & DM22

Post-WW2 chemical grenades :

Rauchkörper No.21C  Rauchkörper Gelb DM 21   Rauchkörper Orange DM22  
Tränengas-Wurfkörper   DM-49 CN  RW 70  


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German Fuzes & Igniters can be found