Description copied from Bulletin#59 german hand- & riflegrenades, Mar.7 1944 :

Data: Overall length: 4⅜ inches, Maximum diameter: 3-1/16 inches, Color: Field Grey, Total weight: 7lbs. 5ozs., Igniter: B.Z 24, Delay: 4.5sec. or 7sec.

Description: This grenade is painted field grey and is fitted with magnets which are sufficiently powerful to cause it to adhere to a vertical surface. The main filling is contained in a pressed metal container which is conical in shape with an elongated apex serving the dual purpose of forming a hand-grip and accommodating the exploder pellet of PETN/Wax. This latter is housed in a metal tube protruding from the underside of the screw-threaded closing cap. The metal tube is screw-threaded internally to recieve the igniter.
Attached to the base of the conical portion by means of six bolts protruding through the container is a plywood framework carrying three horse shoe type magnets. During transit these magnets are fitted with a keeper which must, of course, be removed before using the charge. A brass chain terminating in a hook is attached to the frame.
This charge is reported to penetrate as much as 110mm. of armor. The penetration is acquired through the use of the shaped charge formed around the 60degree angle cone.
There are two igniters used in this grenade: one having a delay of 4½seconds and the other having a delay of 7seconds. The first igniter has a blue cap and the second has a yellow cap.

Operation: The friction igniter is pulled and this will ignite the delay element. When the grenade strikes a tank the magnets cause it to cling to the side and at the end of the delay time the igniter will detonate the exploder pellet and main filling.

The three photos below © Siegfreid.

The HHL shown on the right is a reproduction made by G-MAX.

Photos below: the 3.5kilo version :

Length: 300mm , diameter 215mm. Weight: 3500gram
Filling: 1600-1700gram Fp02-Hexogen 40/60, Brennzünder 7.5seconds (yellow head) or
This charge would penetrate armour up to 180mm. The charge is constructed out of the "big" panzerfaust 30's warhead.

3.5kilo Practice version © Micha :