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I would like to thank Anders for his help on these types.
Some information was copied from a really great Danish website.

Grenades before 1920 :

Before 1920 Denmark had quite a few grenades in use.
I don't know enough of this so I copied a list from website mentioned above.
These grenades saw service in the Danish Army :

-Aasens Håndgranat M.1915, -Håndgranat M.1916, -Håndbombe M.1916, -Håndbombe, Blind M.1916, -Undervisningshåndbombe M.1916, -Håndgranat, Blind M.1916/18 A, -Håndgranat, Blind M.1916/18 B, -Håndbombe M 1918.

Can anyone provide more info on the types mentioned above?

M 1923 types :

Håndbombe M/23   Røghåndbombe M/23 
Øvelseshåndbombe M/23   Håndbombe, Blind M/23  


Other pre-1945 grenades :

Røghåndbombe M/32  Røghåndbombe M/37  Tåregashåndbombe M/37 
Løs Håndbombe M/41  Nr.36 Mills   M24T Håndgranat  


Post-ww2 grenades :

M50 Kanonslag

M54 Skarp håndgranat

M54 Øvelseshåndgranat (2 types)

M54 Blind håndgranat

M57 Røghåndgranat, fosfor

M62 Alarmblus

M66 Observationsrøgbombe

M66 Kanonslag

M75 Elektrisk Kanonslag

M77 Røghåndbombe

M87 Alarmmine

M93 Røghåndbombe

M02 Kanonslag