"Bulgarian and German Handgrenades"

July 2011:
Dimitar finished VOLUME 2 of his book "Bulgarian and German handgrenades, and it is now for sale.
Check the link below and get your copy, full of good information!

-history, development and contemporary state. Volume 1-
2008, Dimitar Mitev, ISBN 978-954-629-012-0

After years work Dimitar came with this very nice and complete work.
The book shows a very complete overview on grenades and their development.
History is written in Cyrillic, but some have english descriptions as well.
Great photos and historical drawings! Total 220 pages.

Contact :
dpmitev@yahoo.com see here :http://grenadebook.googlepages.com/


Bombe a Mano

della seconda guerra mondiale. Sviluppo, Impiego, Evoluzione.
2010. Francesco Zanardi, ISBN 978 88 87372 75 2

A very nice book on all the common and uncommon grenades used in WW2.
History, use and development of both Axis and Allied grenades.
Great photos and clean diagrams, Italian language, 367pages.

You can order the book directly from the writer :


Polish grenades 1919-1939.

Polskie Granaty 1919-1939
2009, Grzegorz Franczyk, ISBN ?


"Hand- and Riflegrenades"

2008, Boris Pribylov and Evgeny Kravchenko, ISBN: 978-5-902835-04-2

This new book covers grenades from both First World War and Second World War period.
Many info from Russian archives and other sources of information, divided in two parts: Historical review and catalog.
Russian language, 770 pages. Full with photos and diagrams.

Price for Europe: 35 US$ , postage depending on destination (1.1kilo).
jhonni@trizna.net "subject: "Book about grenades"


"The Grenade Recognition Manual"

Three of my personal favourites. You can order these through TGRM.
Darryl really knows his stuff:

The Grenade Recognition Manual, volume 1. US Grenades and Accessoiries.
1998. ISBN 0-9699845-7-X

The Grenade Recognition Manual, volume 2. British and Commonwealth Grenades and Accessoiries.
2001. ISBN 0-9688909-0-3

The Grenade Recognition Manual, volume 3. Warsaw Pact. NEW since December 2008!
2007. ISBN xxxxx


Deutsche gewehrgranaten

Deutsche Gewehrgranaten und ihre Abschussgeräte bis 1945.
2003 Michael Heidler ISBN 3-930060-09-4

German riflegrenades and launchers, great publication by Michael.
Unfortunately the book is completely out of sale at both author and printer.
It seems that there will be no re-print in the near future.
Try eBay...

German secret armament codes until 1945

Deutsche Fertigungskennzeichen bis 1945 -German secret armament codes until 1945-
506pages, A5-format, 2007 - Michael Heidler ISBN-10: 3-9811018-5-5

I recieved this book from Michael and must say I'm impressed. It's both in German and English!
All codes on material explained and documented. Munitions, medals and equipment.
I can finally explain some unknown codes on items in my collection. Great job!

Get a signed copy at
Michael's or order at www.visier.de

Deutsche Nahkampfmittel bis 1945

Deutsche Nahkampfmittel bis 1945.
2006 Wolfgang Fleischer & Hubert Jülch ISBN 3-613-02587-6

Great information on ammunition and explosives as used by the German ground forces.
Grenades, mines, flares and anti-tank (engineer) equipment.
Unfortunately in German language only.


Japanese Grenade Rifles and Launchers

Imperial Japanese Grenade Rifles and Launchers.
2004 Gregory A. Babich & Thomas A. Keep ISBN 0-9722627-0-9

Wonderful research, beautiful book.

Dutch Harlow Publishing Company

Fatherland grenade manual.
2006 Alexander Karpenko ISBN 5-9771-0001-9

Hard to read, it's in Cyrillic, but great information.

Gaspari publications :

The three books shown below all come from the same publisher, but different writers.
I believe these are out of print today, try eBay.
Italian language.

Bombe à mano italiane, format 24 x 17 /92 pages ,
Bombe à mano austriache,
format 24 x 17 /112 pages ,
Bombe à mano e da fucile Austroungariche,
format 24 x 17 /92 pages .

Waffen Arsenal volume 174 , Deutsche Handgranaten 1914-1945.
1998 Wolfgang Fleischer ISBN 3-7909-0631-x

2004 Boris Pribylov ISBN 5-902835-01-1

Boris wrote a small book on grenades used on Russian soil. Good detailled drawings and photos, but texts are in Cyrillic.
142 pages.

Malice Aforethought.
A history of Booby Traps from WW1 to Vietnam.
2004 Ian Jones
ISBN 1-85367-613-6
270 pages.

Munitions Lexikon Volume 1-2 and 3.
1977 Karl R. Pawlas
No ISBN, Journal Verlag Schwend GmbH
Vol. 1 Artillery fuzes, Vol. 2 Projectiles 10mm-75mm, Vol. 3 Aircraft bombs
Great details on markings and measurements. Unfortunately out of print and hard to get.

Deutsche Abwurfmunition bis 1945 .
2003 Wolfgang Fleischer
ISBN 3-613-02286-9
Fantastic book on German aircraft bombs and their fuzes as used up to 1945.
286 pages.

Russian-English Dictionary of Explosive Ordnance Disposal.
1999, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation, Moscow
No ISBN. 140 pages