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Grenades <1918 :

civil war ball grenades

Unknown Civil War

Raines grenade

Excelsior 1862

Ketchum 1886

Shinkle 1918

Marks patent

Unknown Civil War

Woods bomb

Viven-Bessiere riflegrenade

Improvised grenades WW1

Mk1 fragmentation

Mk1 dummy

Mk1 Thermite

Mk1 Incendiary

Mk1 Smoke BM

Mk1 Gas HS

Grenade, Rifle Lachrymatory CN MkII

Grenade, Rifle Smoke WP MkII

1916-1925 patents

Grenades 1918-1945 :

Mk1 Illuminating

Mk2 & Mk2A1

Mk2 aluminium (T38)

Mk2 rifle grenade adapter

Mk1A1 throwing dummy

Pineapple oddities

Mk2 Smoke WP

Mk2 Gas KJ

Mk2 Smoke FM


Mk5 Gas CN

Miller grenade, 1941 test

Rex A. Hunter grenade, patented 1937

M1 Incendiary, Frangible

AN-M3 Red Smoke


M7 Smoke CN

AN-M8 Smoke HC

AN-M14 Incendiary TH

M15 Smoke WP

M16-M18 Coloured Smoke

T-13 "beano"

T-14 see T-26


T-26 Illuminating

T-28 WP

POSSIBLE US throwing practice

Rifle grenades <1945 :

M9 A/T




M19 Smoke WP

M20 Smoke HC

M21 Practice

M22 Coloured Smoke

M23 Coloured smoke, streaming

Signal, Ground

propelling cartridge

60mm mortar as riflegrenade

Adapter for chemical grenades

Grenades >1945 :

E-26 "stain" grenade



M21 Practice

M25A1 CN1 ABC riot

M25A2 CS1 ABC riot

1/4 pound TNT grenade

M26, M26A1 & M61

M26A2 & M57

M30 & M62 practice

M33, M59, M67 & M68

M69 practice

M34 Smoke WP

M47 CS riot

M48 Coloured Smoke

M50 live-exercise

M54 CS riot


M58 CS riot

M84 stun

Mk155 Mod 0

XM 78


Civilian grenades :

American Munitions Co. - smoke grenade

Federal Laboratories Inc. - teargas grenade

Lake Erie Chemical Company - teargas grenade

I have scanned a part of the Engineer Manual 1917. It's the part on mining and the use of handgrenades.
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