I have only just started to get interested in Canadian equipment, but know nothing.
Can you help me to gather information?
send an e-mail.

The list below is provided by Craig, these all found use in the Canadian forces:

No.36 fragmentation, link to UK No.36

M-61 fragmentation, link to
US M-61

V-40 mini fragmentation, link to
Dutch V40

No.80 WP smoke, link to
UK No.80

M7A3 riot CS

No. 83 smoke

C3 smoke grenade

C4 practice grenade

C6 practice grenade

C7 practice grenade

C8 coloured smoke

C13 fragmentation ( US M-67)

M69 practice (
US M-69)

No.4 coloured smoke

HC C1 smoke

Pains Wessex coloured smoke