It has been 5 years since I last changed or added anything to the website.
I will try to maintain the site, although the damaged sotfware that I used gives some problems. Help needed!

If someone knows how to maintain and expand this website, let me know. I'm doing these small changes from the HTML structure, but have no clue what I'm doing. No idea how to make new pages and add photos now. ...And there are so many contributors that sent me emails with additions in the last 5 years

10-01-2012 The trench club grenade got identified as Vietnamese.

31-12-2011 Unknown Bulgarian
practice RGD-5 , can anyone provide information about it?
VERY strange WW2 US mousetrap fuze, info needed!
unknown item : a trench club with a head which seems to be a grenade, but what type?

11-12-2011 New photos added to the German
326 HE pistol grenade and "Deutgranatpatrone Z".
UNPROFOR Mine Data Handbook added to manuals.
DM-28 practice riflegrenade and East-German smoke generator "NWK rot".

16-11-2011 A little more info about the
North Korean grenade.
200gram demolition block identified as an Italian.
Additional info about the Hungarian
UKA-63 ATmine and Italian wooden APmine "R".

05-11-2011 Italian
1917 manual on grenades.
percussion igniter photos added to its page.
Cutaway photo of the Yugoslavian fuze
North Korean 1950's grenade with questions.
Unknown grenade identified as the Finnish
Varsisavukäsikranaatti M/43.

03-11-2011 Four old
French manuals on rifle grenades, rockets and A/T horizontal effect mine.
Tipo "C" No.2 Mod.1 practice grenade.

20-10-2011 New marking found of the german
Glassmine43 pressure plate.
Better photos of the
Druckzünder35A, a complete box.
At last some photos of the inner mechanism of the
Czech RG-4 grenade.
Information added about
Nils Waltersen Aasen and his developments.
British WW2
Percussion igniter MK. III photos added.

Additional info on the Russian
TM-72 and TM-62 A/T mines and MV-3 mine fuze.
PM-60 A/T-mine and unknown German(?) ww2 improvised concrete mine.
ZDZ49 fuze and a Swiss practice mine, designation unknown.

New photos of
Russian PMZ-40 antitank mine.
Improvised magnetic charge, mine fuzes UMNOP-1V, UMNP-1V and A/P mine PMR-2A.
US rubber teargas grenades
119CN and 519CS made by Federal Laboratories.
British concrete dummy representing the
Mk7 AT-mine. Iraqi RGD-5 with arabic markings.
Unknown grenade to identify, help please.

cardboard box for German tellermines, copies? Yugoslavian 100, 200 and 500gram demolition charges.
New photos of the WW2 German
Incendiary bottle.

Unknown 200gram charge, who knows about it?
Nice photos of the US
M7A3 teargas grenade. Swedish M/18 heavy stickgrenade.
Dutch manual added to
Nr. 269 horizontal effect mine. Belgian AP-mine M409 training version added to the list.
Yugoslavian 1990's
improvised concrete shrapnel-mine and an unknown (stick?)grenade got recovered in the Karelian Isthmus.

Another Swedish experimental grenade added to the list.
Great information about
improvised IRA grenades recovered in the 1980's.

It will take some days before all manuals are back online again.
Unknown grenade is a Swedish
experimental Type F from around 1916, and a Övningsgashandgranat m/30 (teargas).
Unknown glass vial is for German
Gelbkreuz Gas training.
Both are removed from the
Unknown grenades list.

US engineer manual "
German Demolition Equipment" from 1944.
Photos added to French
DF37/46 , Fumigene 56 and US T13 Beano.
Unknown Chemical vial recovered in Poland, see
unknown grenades.

American 1946 manual
OP1666 German explosive ordnance, two volumes.
Dutch 1954 manual
VS2050 Part6, Soviet landmines.
Photos and info on
British L56A1 added, and more pics on the Dutch smoke grenade Nr.7C2.

Marco came up with info about the British
L60A1 riflegrenade, Norwegian DM61 and DM78.
He also got some really nice documentation on
improvised grenades recovered in Northern Ireland.
Factory leaflet on the Belgian
PRB-423 frag grenade.

Lithuanian stickgrenade photos thanks to Grumpy.
Nice list of new photos made by Dave Sampson:
Igniter for
No.92 grenade , Chorley practice grenade , No.80 WP Drill grenade ,
Smoke generator
No.8 and four British detonators.

Shinkle and M67 inert grenade, thanks to Cory.
Danish fuzes and igniters, a start thanks to Anders.
Photo of an original ww1
Kugelgrenade pull-frame , by Ted.
UNKNOWN F1 grenade, on a stick.
Tom provided good photos of the Swedish
Övningshandgranat M39 stickgrenade.
BRD-M83 on the website appeared to be Serbian, not Macedonian.
Photos and drawings added to Czech
DA 25, PS 25 and SG 45.

The following manuals are new on the list for you to download:
Winchester Karabijn 30M1 1967 (dutch police manual)
Fucile Semiautomatico M1 "Garand" 1953 (Italian manual)
La Maschera Pirelli "T35" 1939 (Pirelli gasmask)
Aircraft handbook Fw190 A-8 Sept. 1944 (English Translation)
DV 152-78 Granatbecher RGD-5 1978 (East German manual)
Municija Knjiga 1 1974 (Yugoslavian manual on ammunition)
Oznacavanje Municije i minsko-eksplozivnih sredstava 1971 (Yugoslavian manual on ammunition)
D 654/10 Leichter Ladungsträger Sd.Kfz 303 1943 (Description and use)
D 654/11 Leichter Ladungsträger Sd.Kfz 303 1943 (Parts list)
- Del-27-2 Rucní granáty 1989 (Czech grenade manual)
- Japanese Magnetised AT Mine Type 99 1945

August 2011

And here I am again.
Last 9 months have been really busy, but I have found time again to put some interesting items onto the website.
I would like to thank all the enthusiasts who kept on sending material on grenades and mines, as well as those who have been sending manuals to increase the free download list.
With these manuals I would like to start first, as this is the "easy" stuff to put online.
Soon I will continue with the grenades and mines information.

9okt -
Toretta riflegrenade photos and info thanks to Shaun.
8okt -
-Unknown grenade moved to
Russian OF with the help of Alexey.
-POSSIBLE Macedonian
BRD M83 smoke grenade.
-An unknown
smoke or practice grenade and a clockwork-igniter added to the lists.


Photos and data for the Belgian PRB Nr446, German practice DM48, Norwegian M88 smoke, Bulgarian red practice RG-42 and British L108A2 thanks to Geert.
US grenades
M21 practice and M30 practice photos by Justin.
practice mine M8 cardboard charge pics by Rick.
North-Korean mines updates by Mark.
French Teargasgrenade "
Lacrymogène Mle51" photo and info provided by Gilles.
T99 Magnetic AT-charge photos and Vietnamese Stickgrenade thanks to Ted.
Cory made some good pics on the US civil war
ball grenades, Raines grenade and a Vietnam-era 1/4Pound blast grenade.

A nice webpage about
NewZealand manufactured Mills grenades, click the link.

Next updates will take a very long time, again.
15-10 we'll get the key to our new house, then approx. 30-11 we'll expect our baby-girl to arrive.
What free time do you mean?
When I'm online it will mainly be on Facebook, see you there.

AUGUST 2010 :

US grenades M61, GD-OTS and an early M10 fuze.
Alhambra grenade.
C4A1 practice A/P mine, French A/P mine Mle50, Spanish C5 practice A/T-mine, Yugoslavian MRUD and PMR-4 all new mine photos thanks to Mark.
German FallschirmLeuchtgranate photo added thanks to Klemen.
East German practice grenades-page is made more complete.
First North-Korean mine in the website, please help to add more types.
Cazinka handgrenade and Cazinka riflegrenade.
RGN-IM and British L28A1 thanks to Geert.
Dutch/French Antitankmine
Nr30 EXC.

A great new Italian book on grenades "Bombe a Mano" has just been published. Thanks Francesco!
An unknown Finnish SN grenade to identify.
British mine awareness books MITC Georgia, The Balkans, Congo and Cyprus.
Three Swedish manuals added
Fordonsmina 13R and two mine fuze manuals.

JULY 2010 :

US grenades M84 stun, Mk155 Mod0 practice, XM-78 A/T, AN-M8 HC smoke, M33/M59/M67, and Mk1 illuminating.
US A/T-mine
RFL-60 hand- or rifle grenade.
Dutch Exc A/T-mine
MkII grenade, also some fuzes and igniters added.
MS-64 anti-vehicle mine.
Mle 37 offensive grenade, and post-war chemical grenades. Rifle grenade launcher for post-war french grenades.
German practice DM-49 sprengkörper charge.
1946 grenades manual thanks to Alexandr.
Spanish Alhambra-grenade manual thanks to José.

Looking for information about all (inner/outer)packings for US 8 and 15 seconds delay fuzes. Who can help?

19-06-2010 Photos added to the
British Mk7 A/T-mine thanks to Dave. Also new photos of the US M57 and M68 grenades. Good new additions to Norwegian fuzes thanks to Kristian. Several additions to US grenade fuzes, M21 grenade and the M33 claymore mine.

20-05-2010 Photos of the Finnish
Rasia-Ansa m/42 mine. Dutch Nr30 AT-mine, same as the French HPD.

12-04-2010 Very nice new photos added in the
German ww2 riflegrenade section together with some extra data.

28-03-2010 British
L108A1 practice grenade, Belgian M73 practice grenade and M-18 US smoke grenade added to the site by Geert. British L71A1 blue smoke grenade added to the collection thanks to Andy. Some photos and information about the Gorazdanka thanks to Sead. And does anyone know anything about this strange DF37 grenade?

13-03-2010 Great photos of the WW2
packing for No.27 detonators thanks to Andrew, who also made me make a New Zealand page on handgrenades. Does anyone know about this unknown M1A1-lookalike boobytrap-device? New info about the US M142 firing device, which is the same as the Australian F1A1 firing device, thanks to Scott. Wooden crate for the Signalbombe mit Blitz, photographed by Bruno.

08-03-2010 Spanish
practice PO-3 photos made by David. Bruce photographed a 1945 Smoke Generator No.5 made in Canada. Can you help with this GewehrFallschirmLeuchtgranate?

01-03-2010 North Korean
Rectangular grenade and "ball bearing"grenade added thanks to Joe. Czechoslovakian 2kilo demolition charge info thanks to Jarda. Russian Ceramic grenade photos and info by Dr. Ruby. An incredible photoboost on the British numbered series thanks to Norman. German Hispano 20mm manual for you to download thanks to Bloome.

19-02-2010 Norwegian
M21F1 photographed by Geert and more photos added to the DM 78 and M100, also from Norway. Kees provided scans with info about the German SF3 boobytrap , Schümine 44 and Schümine 400gram.

06-02-2010 Information about the Czech
V5 CRŠD thanks to Milan. Why did a French OF grenade got found in Murmansk, Russia? Great relic of an early stielhandgranate24 photographed by Jarda. Photos of a German WW2 lachrymatory grenade , Signalpatrone Z and the Norwegan M42 thanks to K. Kamperman. A wonderful list of Finnish chemical grenades of WW2 came to light thanks to Reino.

02-02-2010 Markings on the
RGD-33 trainer also on a wrist compass?

01-02-2010 Belgian grenades
M405A1 Smoke WP , M1A4BG CN and M3BG Smoke WP and the M68 smoke pot. All photos thanks to David. Good pics of the german T-mine29 thanks to Lothar. Igor has send some extra info and photos on the Yugoslavian M12/25 defensive and M35 offensive grenades. British A/P Mine No6 "carrot" pictured by Dave. Dr. Ruby made some nice photos of the Russian M1914/30 stickgrenade. Great photos by Geert on the French OFX F1 practice grenade. Dr.Ruby provided some photos of the Russian RGD-33 practice grenade.

27-01-2010 . Photos of the Dutch
Nr20C1 grenade thanks to Geert. German Sprengkörper DM39 and sprengkörper DM-58 Üb thanks to Lothar. British boobytrap switch No13 photographed by Claude. Czech anti-personell mine PP-Mi-D and German Pruefmine DM-10 photos thanks to Mark. Great photos added of the Bulgarian RGO-78, thanks to Geert.

16-01-2010 Some changes with the
unknown grenades thanks to Jeff, and 1 unknown got identified as the body of an M49A1 trip flare thanks to many people. New photos added to this US M49A1 trip flare. Information about the Yugoslavian MPR M85 A/P-mine thanks to Bojan. Yugoslavian 1974 manual about ammunition to download thanks to Al'Saad. Ah, again an unknown grenade added to the list thanks to Maurice, who can help?

09-01-2010 Spanish
PS-1A training mine photos added thanks to Mark. Information about the Polish RGO-88 and RGZ-89 grenades, but I need photos. New pics of an old East-German training grenade and requesting info about them. Finally some better info on the German Hohl Sprungmine 4672, thanks to Lothar. Can anyone identify this unknown grenade.

31-12-2009 First model
Russian F1 photographed thanks to Cory, who also provided good photos of the Swiss HG62. A very nice WW2 Russian F1 in its original paint photographed by Riefler. Polish updates thanks to Greg: some CRG-42 versions and two flashbang-grenades.

23-12-2009 French
Mle51 dummy A/T mine and Mle35 practice A/T mine. Some more info added about the German ZZ42 fuze. Again a big addition to civilian flares, thanks Werner! José came up with information about two Spanish A/P mines, Fama and Expal M45B. Some nice Czech RGcv5 details pictured by Pascal. Czech CN-60 teargas/smoke grenade and VS-4 signalling grenade photographed thanks to Jarda. Austrian UHG practice grenade photos and info by Geert. Gilles photographed some details of the Russian M1912.

18-12-2009 Goran provided info on the Croatian
Cetinka M-91 and an unknown type. Mark photographed the container for a Dutch Nr11 red smoke grenade and a box of Czech UZO igniters. Much new additions to civilian flares thanks to Werner. Wilfried helped out with photos of the German DM56 igniter and the practice DM28 bounding mine.

12-12-2009 Spanish
ATL-1 riflegrenade photographed by Edward. Good photos of the Austrian NbHgr75 smoke grenade thanks to Werner. Can anyone identify these possible german flares? I made some renewals to several Austrian grenades thanks to Werner.

07-12-2009 Nice photo added of the
Spanish R-41 instruction grenade thanks to Rob. Photos of the undetectable French Mle51 A/T mine thanks to Gilles. An old yellow Mk2, but with red crosses, unknown origin.

28-11-2009 Some changes in
US "mousetrap"-fuzes thanks to Dr.Ruby and Darryl. New photos of the Russian Lishin stickgrenade thanks to Piotr. Two French mines added to the list thanks to Christophe: AT mine Mle48 and AT HEAT mine Mle48/55. Swedish experimental FFV 542 grenade info thanks to Jörgen. And we made it in the papers again with that strange job I have...

18-11-2009 Great photos of the experimental Swedish
FFV862A thanks to Bernt. Comment on the unknown F1, but more help needed. Italian P40 A/P-mine photographed by Mike. Mark came up with photos of the old dutch railroad-alarm and a Czech practice Pt-Mi-D1M Sig. Did some re-writing on the US MkII grenade, and added photos thanks to Dr. Ruby.

10-11-2009 Norwegian smoke grenade
M88 photographed by Rune. Thanks to some great info from Goran, I re-divided the Yugoslavian grenades into the SFR Yugoslavia, and the six states that it ended up in 1991, See grenades -Soviet/Balkan. Does anyone know what this fuze is?. And Jhonni came up with an F1 with an unknown marking that needs to be identified, please help. And thanks to Dr. Ruby: some nice vintage photos from the WW2 US Mk2 production line.

07-11-2009 Some great photos of the
Swiss OHG92 thanks to Werner. I'm looking for information about the WW2 German Topfmine booster-charge, please help.

01-11-2009 And another
unidentified grenade, please help. Does anyone have good information on the "Glühzundapparat 26", the German blasting machine of WW2?

31-10-2009 A
strange unknown stickgrenade needs to be identified, can you help? Photos of a Norwegian M21F1 thanks to Rune. Dr.Ruby came up with a very nice M10A2 fuze box and photos of the German concrete egg-grenade.

25-10-2009 Can anyone provide details on
this Belgian fuze? I hope to find out what the detonator looked like. Photos of a Polish UGL-200 Lachrimatory grenade thanks to Dimitar.

18-10-2009 More mint French items:
1914 Ball grenade, Aasen typeC, rifle Feuillette, rifle Dormoy-Chateau long and short and WW2 glass Teargas grenade. Detailled photos of the French ww1 Pétard raquette thanks to Werner. American police teargas grenade photographed thanks to Rául.

11-10-2009 New photos of the Italian
Minucciani and the French Excelsior-Thévenot launcher thanks to a nice contributor. Pictures of the Djakonov signal grenade. Two good photos and a nice link about the Goliath Ladungsträger thanks to Marcin.

24-09-2009 Photos of the
Meldebüchse See, thanks to Joachim. Nice photos of the French 1915 Foug stickgrenade and the P4 1916 stickgrenade provided by a good French friend. Some new manuals added as well.

PainsWessex handflare Mk8 thanks to Werner. Four new WW2 German ammunition manuals, thanks to Steven. These are free downloads, anyone has any manuals missing in the lists? Send them in for everyone to download. Good photos of the Polish Obronny KC grenade thanks to Loslau.

04-09-2009 WW2 German
bakelite 200gram charge photos and dimensions thanks to Gilles. More info on the German Meldebüchse Land and See, thanks to several people.

Plastimo Distress Signalling kit photographed by Werner. Norwegian mines M1951A, M1951C and Hoppmine photos thanks to Kristian. Lots of information and photos thanks to Goran on the following Yugoslavian grenades: "bjelovarka", "solinjanka", "makaranka", dugoracanka", "jaskanka3", "termoelektrana sisak", "karlovcanka", RDB M83, LRB M3/93 and BRS M79 AF-1.
And then this
unknown german rifle grenade, who can help to identify this?

20-08-2009 New photos on the
RPG-43 practice grenade as used in Poland. Cory photographed his restored Ketchum grenades from the US Civil War period. Christophe photographed a
French Mle35 A/P-mine, copy of the German Üb S-Mine35.
Unknown RG-4, can anyone tell what the origin is of this grenade?

11-08-2009 Dr. Ruby photographed some details of the

fuzes used on Japanese grenades and some Chinese stickgrenades. Photos of the russian
mortar/grenade improvisation thanks to Rob. Swiss Manipulier PanzerMine 60 photos and British
HB 876 photos thanks to Mark.

08-08-2009 Russian
PMZ-40 A/T mine photographed by Grumpy. Good photos of the Italian
TC 2.5 A/T mine thanks to Saper. Reino provided a photo of a strange Finnish smoke grenade and a possible Finnish concrete mine
. Japanese unknown practice grenade photographed by Dr. Ruby, similar to the
Type97. He also provided for photos of the Koveshnikov fuze.

31-07-2009 going offline for a while, renewing about everything. might take a day or so.

26-07-2009 I bought some really nice grenades at the Beltring-show yesterday: Norwegian

M100 F1, Yugoslavian
VBR M75 and Belgian
M50. Very good photos of the German ww2 Rauchsichtzeichen Orange 160
, thanks to Gilles. Russian "Drift" teargas grenade info by Jhonni.

21-07-2009 The list of
Sprengkapsel No8-detonator is now more complete thanks to Tom. Better photos of the
MON-90 thanks to Eric. Unknown Russian charge SZ-3a identified thanks to Jarda.

20-07-2009 Photos of the polish

K-CGN and a sectioned RPG-43
thanks to Marcin. Some photos of the Russian
MON-90 added thanks to Eric. Swiss petardes as used for training, photographed by Werner.

18-07-2009 It's "manual-day" today: A
Belgian DOVO (EOD) manual scanned by Ákos. Two more
Dutch manuals, thanks to Arnold again. Russian
UPG-8 manual scanned by Saper. Some great sectional drawings made by C00Lib1N of the german
HE grenade for the Z-flaregun
. A very good photo of the
WW2 Alarmleuchtzeichen, with an original packing, photographed by

15-07-2009 Nice photos made by Jörgen of the Swedish

Rökhandgranat 05 and Spränghandgranat 90
. Werner took nice pictures of the French "
Bouchon allumeur 1935, 2.5seconds" and some colourfull hand signals- and flares
. Four very old Dutch ordnance manuals added to the list, thanks to Arnold. Marcin provided photos of the Polish
RPG-43 Szkolni.

08-07-2009 German
Handrauchzeichen photos thanks to Ludo. Nice photos of the US
M48 trip flare thanks to DrRuby. Russian PM-4 blasting machine
photographed by Reg. Spanish civil war grenades "
Republica" and "Universal" thanks to Rob.

28-06-2009 An unknown mine got identified as a
British training S-Mine
, thanks to Chris.


Spanish mines
page is much more complete now thanks to Málaga.

21-06-2009 New Czech grenade info added thanks to Milan:

P1, P2 and TZ M fuze. New in the Czech list: DG 50 colour smoke grenades. Photos of the ww2-1960's British
TripFlare Mk1, thanks to Daniel.

14-06-2009 Very nice computerdrawings on the German S-MinenZünder 44
thanks to C00lib1N. Detailled photos of the German
made by Dr. Ruby. Yugoslavian grenade made in Sisak, photographed and described by Goran. Photos of an original ww2 german
, thanks to Riccardo.

12-06-2009 Three manuals (one
, two Dutch) added to download thanks to Ákos. Nice photos of the Japanese
T-93 mine fuze, thanks to Dr. Ruby.

11-06-2009 German
Simulator Bodensprengpunkt DM22 and French BA 1728B grenade fuze information and photos from Werner. Swedish
Övningshandgranat 90H and Trampmina m/49
thanks to Jörgen again.

06-06-2009 And another Swedish mine:

Stridsvagnsmina m/43
, and I added 15 more
Swedish mines
to the list of which I don't have info yet. Photos of a relic
Nebelhandgranate 41 thanks to J-Mi.

05-06-2009 More Swedish:
Stridsvagnsmina m/52
antitank mine. Additional photos of the Swiss Richtladung
96 schwer
and 96 leicht thanks to Werner.

03-06-2009 Swedish AT-mines

Stridsvagnsmina 5 and Stridsvagnsmina 6
information and photos thanks to Jörgen. Old type Czech
RGSL photographed by Jarda.

01-06-2009 Czech wooden case for the
OUG vz34 and for the RG-4
, photographed by Jarda. More (various) photos added to Yugoslavian
riflegrenades thanks to Dutch Airforce EOD. British L69A1 orange smoke grenade photo serie added.

All previous updates deleted.