These items were marked as German flares. They are made of aluminum except for the one on the right which is bakelite.
Only markings on any of them are on the bakelite version, see photo.
The bottoms of all the pieces are thinner than the main body which might explain it was designed to blow out when the flare was ignited. The fuzes seem to be of the german ZZ42-mechanism, but integrated in the body.

Photos © Paul.


This seems to be marked like a training mine from Poland, but the fuze looks like a Brit.
No markings at all.
Borsuk himself (© photo) thought it might be US made, and gave these sizes :
Mine sizes :
Total height with plug: 120mm , height without plug: 112mm
Diameter: 205mm

Fuze sizes :
Total height with detonator: 109mm , height without detonator 60mm
Fuze diameter: 42mm , Detonator is made of wood.

What is this type?

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Wilfried got me these photos, hopefully someone can provide more info on this bounding mine. 01-12-2007 


I have placed this one with the US mines as it seems obvious that it's American, but how was it used and which fuze did it held?
It was recovered from a US training area together with M1 and M1A1 mines (trainers).

Photo © Mike