Length body only :
Length w/fuze : 140mm
Diameter : 66mm
Weight : 2kilo
Filling : 100gram HE
Fuze :

Photo on the right © J-Mi.

PMR-2A Goran :

PMR-2A practice

This classroom trainer appears to have been produced after the civil war of the 90's, but its unsure which nation produced it.
Dimensions are the same as mentioned above.

Photos right and below © M. Jochoms

VPMR-2A practice mine

The VPMR-2A is practice version of PMR-2A.
Dimension and case materials are the same as for PMR-2A.
A yellow band is painted around the base of the body, which symbolizes that it is practice mine.
Instead of the 100 gram explosive charge, the VPMR-2A has small smoke charge which simulates its activation when the tripwire is pulled.
The smoke goes out through the holes drilled on the mine body. Smoke filling burns approximately 5-6 seconds.

Old production practice mines were issued with a wooden stake. Bodies have four smoke emission holes.
Later version were issued with an aluminium stick and had six eemission holes drilled in the body.

Photos and information © Goran.

VPMR-2A wooden stick :

VPMR-2A aluminium stick :