The MRUD has a plastic body filled with 900 grams of plastic explosive PEP-500.
In the front side of mine's interior there are 650 steel balls of 5,5 mm in diameter.
Upon detonation, these balls are lethal in arc of 60degrees and at the distance of 50 meters.
Mrud can be command activated using 30 meters electric cable with manual inductor or with any other special fuze of ex-yugoslavian production with classic thread M10x1.

During transportation two holes with M10x1 threads on the body of the mine are protected with plastic transportation caps.
This mine comes in an olive-drab bag, together with 30 meters electric cable, manual inductor and a circuit tester.
It was produced in SRB factory(SLAVKO RODIĆ in Bugojno).

Information and photo right © Goran.
Photos below © M. Jochoms.

Height : 90 mm
Width : 230 mm
Depth : 55 mm
Weight : unknown
Filling : 900 gram of PEP-500


VMRUD practice mine :

This is the practice version of the MRUD, called VMRUD.
It uses a practice fuze in combination with a smoke charge.

Height : 90mm
Width : 230mm
Depth : 55mm

Weight :

The photos below and on the right © M. Jochoms.