Two basic types of bangalore torpedos are used by the Warsaw Pact forces, improvised and factory made.
The improvised types are constructed by placing a series of TNT blocks on a prepared wooden pole.
The 400g TNT block is commonly used for this purpose.
The factory made charges, such as the UZ-1, cinsist of metal tubular section filled with high explosive.
Connecting sleeves are used for assembly multiple sections and a conical-shape nose facilitates forward motion.
Threaded well caps are provided at the ends of each section to take a detonator which may be fired electrically or by any standard non-electrical means.
When the torpedo is assembled, the trail end is fitted with one of the above mentioned firing devices and the leading end is fitted with the conical shaped nose.

Section length: 1meter.
Diameter: 53mm
Section weight: 5kilo
HE weight per section: 3kilo
Section length: 2meter.
Diameter: 52mm
Section weight: 10.2kilo
HE weight per section: 5.3kilo