The TM-62 antitankmine exists in several forms and has evoluated over the years that it has been produced.
Shown below is a list of models and their designation, a variety of fuzes would fit these types.
Lots of colour-schemes are known for this mine.

The practice version is called
UTM-62, follow link.

Photos of TM-62P3 (front&back) below © Micha.
Lots of photos thanks to Lothar.

TM-62D :


TM-62M :

Dimensions : TM-62M
Height : 102mm , diameter : 320mm.
Pressure fuze or magnetic influence.

TM-62W :


TM-62T :


TM-62P2 :

Dimensions: TM-62P2
Height : 128mm , diameter : 320mm.
Pressure fuze.

TM-62P3 :


More "P3" :