The POMZ-2 series of antipersonnel stake mines have been used since the early days of World War II, but the POMZ-2M became standard after WW2.
Normally they are laid in clusters of four or more, and are equipped with trip wires.
Both mines consist of a cylindrical cast iron shell which is deeply grooved in a square pattern, and fits a 75 g charge, pull fuze, and a wooden stake.
The first model used either the
VPF or MUV fuze and had an unthreaded body.
The POMZ-2M differs in length and weight and in the use of the threaded fuze well for the
MUV-2 fuze.


Shown on the right and below: WW2 manufactured.

Length : 135mm
Diameter : 60mm
Weight: 2kg
Filling : 75gram TNT


Length : 107mm
Diameter : 60mm
Weight : 1,7kg
Filling : 75gram TNT

Drawing on the right is the WW2 type, not the 2M.

A Czechoslovak copy of the POMZ-2M is called PP-Mi-Sk.
This mine was also adopted by the East German NVA, see POMZ-2.
In former-Yugoslavia this mine was copied under the name PMR.

Photos © M. Jochoms.

The 75gram High Explosive charge can be found HERE.