Height : 11,5 cm
Diameter : 28 cm
Weight : 6,4 kilo
Filling : 2.8kilo , probably TNT
Fuze :

Sketch on the right © Saper.
Photo and info © Grumpy.

Text copied from Ordata :

This mine consists of three parts: A charge container with a flanged base, a central fuze well, and a bottom filler hole and plug; a retaining band featuring four shear bolt grooves; and a pressure plate with four shear bolts.
The shear bolts are used to make the PMZ-40 an antitank mine. When the pressure plate is rotated so that the shear bolts do not come into play, the pressure plate rests directly on the fuze and the mine is antipersonnel.
This mine was thought too dangerous for use and was replaced by the
TM-41 antitank mine.

The photos right and below are © Iron41.
He also provided photos of
the fuze.