The PMK-40 is a small, round, waxed cardboard case mine which resembles a shoe polish can in shape and size.
Its fuze is a simple mechanical firing device which is activated by pressure on the lid.
This causes a lever to rotate which releases the spring-loaded striker against the percussion cap.
This mine is not intended to kill , but rather to wound or incapacitate personnel.
It was designed as a shrapnell producing mine to be laid in front of antitank mine fields, as well as in paths, trails, or road ditches.
It was first used against the Germans in 1941 and although it is no longer in production, and has been replaced by the plastic
PMN, it may still be used.

Height: 38mm , diameter: 70mm.
Weight: 90gram including 50gram TNT.
Operating force: 9-18kilo.

All photos © Dr. Ruby.