The PMD-6, PMD-7, and the PMD-7ts wooden antipersonnel mines are all of the same design, differing only in details and size.
The PMD-6 is the larger mine, while the PMD-7ts is the same size as the PMD-7, but with the mine body hollowed out of a single block of wood.
MUV pull fuzes are used with these mines.
There are no supplementary fuze wells in this mines, but mines have been found with the striker retaining pin anchored to the ground.
A very similar mine, the
PP-Mi-D is produced in Czechoslovakia.

Data : PMD-6 / PMD-7ts
Weight: 400gr / 300gr
Length: 200mm/ 152mm
Width: 89mm / 76mm
Height: 64mm / 51mm
Main charge: TNT/TNT
Main charge weight: 200gr / 75gr

Photos © Pat.

The top two photos show the PMD-6.
The lower two photos show the PMD-6f.

This explosive-filled glass body was fitted in the PMD-6F.
The small glass tube would contain the
MUV-fuze and detonator, and was fixed into the main body with a sealing compound.

Photo below © Akos Boda.

PMD-6 compared to PMD-7 .

PMD-7 , the small one in the photos :

Length 150mm , width 70mm , height 36mm.
Lower mine compartment only: length 137mm, width 53mm, height 32mm.
Diameter of hole for fuze: 15mm.

Details and photos © M. Jochoms.