The rectangular shaped MZD wooden box mines are assembled in various dimensions and weights, and may be equipped with one or a combination of the following fuzes: EKhV electric, EKhV electro chemical, EKhP safety delay, VZ-1 vibration, ChZ-10 electric delay, or ChZ-35 electric delay.
The electric and vibration fuzes are so sensitive that hand disarming should not be attempted.
The MZD mines normally employ TNT or amatol as an explosive charge; however, the explosive charge may consist of dynammon, ammonite, picric acid, or various other explosives.
The amount of explosive varies fro 400gm (14 oz) to 10 kg (22 lbs).
These mines are designed for use in antitank mine fields and in road and railroad beds.
They may also be used for the delayed uncontrolled detonation of large charges concealed in important buildings and installations.
Some MZD mines are waterproofed and consequently can be laid in creek or river beds.