Individual explosive charges

TNT is the basic Soviet military explosive, although other military or commercial explosives may be encoutered.
Individual charges come either in block or cylindrical form.
The standard cylindrical charge is 75g and consists of pressed TNT wrapped in wax paper. Cast or pressed TNT charges come either in 200g or 400g sizes.

These blocks may be wrapped in paper of different colors such as white, light yellow, light tan, pale pink, pale green, or pale blue.

Photo on the right (© M. Jochoms) shows a 75gram charge.

A purple spot on the wrapper denotes the location of the detonator well.
These individual charges may also be used to prepare larger charges such as concentrated charges or bangalore torpedos.

The 75gram charge was also standard to fit in the POMZ-2 mine.
The 200gram charge fitted the PMD mines.

75gr cyl:
Length: 72mm , diameter: 31mm.
Weight: 75gram.
200g block:
Length: 100mm , width: 50mm , height: 25mm.
Weight: 200gram.
400g block:
Length: 100mm , width: 50mm , height: 50mm.
Weight: 400gram.


Prepared Bulk explosive charges

In addition to the individual cylindrical and block charges various prepared bulk charges are also available.
One type, used by the Soviets, consists of a wooden box containing thirty 400g and sixty-five 200g individual block charges.
Other typical prepared bulk charges are 1kg, 3kg, and 5kg in size.
The latter is cylindrical in shape.
All have carrying handles.

Length: 100mm , width: 60mm , height: 120mm.
Two fuze wells.

Length: 155mm , width: 60mm , height: 225mm.
Three fuze wells.
Diameter: 170mm , height: 182mm.
One fuze well.