This type of antitank mine was first used by the Germans during World War II.
During the Soviet-Japanese border clashes in the Far East prior to World War II, the Japanese employed thismine against the Soviets.
During the Soviet-German war the Soviet Army used the mine to attack the German tanks.
The mine consists of a sheet metal box housing an
MUV fuze, a fuze actuating lever, a canvas carrying saddle with an explosive pouch on each, a booster charge, and a main charge (half in each pouch).
The functioning of the mine is simple.
The dog crawls under the tank and the projecting fuze-actuating lever on the dog's back is depressed as it scrapes against the belly of the tank.
The lever then pulls the pin out of the fuze which actuates it, detonating the mine.
The normal explosive charge is 6 kg (13.2 lbs).