The AKS general purpose mine was first used against the Finns during the Winter War of 1939/40 and proved effective against personnel and vehicles even in deep snow where other mines often failed.
Later it was used against the Germans, mostly in brush or wooded areas with the tilt rod camouflaged as a sapling.
One side of the box has a sliding door which gives acces to the fuze.
A safety pin is mounted on the base of the 63cm (25in) long tilt rod to prevent unwanted movement.
Pressure against the rod rotates the acuating lever which pulls the pin from the fuze, actuating it.
Some mines are constructed to detonate when the rod is tilted no more than 20 degrees.

Length: 230mm , width: 230mm , height: 120mm.
Weight: 9kilo including 6.8kilo TNT.
Operating force: 5 to 20kilo.