Text from factory folder :

Mine canister with MN-123 scatterable mines

For scatter-laying of anti-tank mine fields

Mine canisters with MN-123 scatterable mines are designed for scatter-laying of anti-tank mine fields as part of the Engineering Mining System, from land vehicles. They contain 5 MN-123 anti-tank mines and electrical system for dispensing individual mines and setting self-destruction time, based on a program of a controller installed in the base vehicle.

The canister allows mines to be dispensed from a barrel dispenser installed on the Engineering Mining System (ISM). Each dispenser has a mechanically and electrically interconnected set of 20 barrels for dispensing and disassembling of MN-123 mine canisters. A moving vehicle with mine dispensers can lay a mine field along its route, about 70 m wide, while ensuring its own safety. A design of dispensers allows mines to be laid on both sides of the vehicle, behind the vehicle and to the sides, at 45 degrees angle opposite to moving direction.

MN-123 mine canister : Weight 26 kg ,Diameter Ø 188 / 218 mm ,Length 664 mm
Number of mines : 5 szt. Throwing distance 30 ¸ 90 m

MN-123 mine : Weight3,7 kg ,Diameter Ø 180 mm ,Height90 mm
Fuse : Non-contact type – works under entire vehicle outline Effectiveness ensured against all armoured fighting vehicles

Resistant to:
- Electromagnetic fields generated by radio stations
- Mine-clearing by using detonation and electro-magnetic methods
- Blast of nearby mine
- Is non-removable

Features to meet CCW requirements:
- Self-destructible
- Self-neutralizable
- Non-responsive to mine detectors
- Discoverable