Text from factory folder :

Anti-tank scatterable ground mine type MN-111

is designed for remote laying of minefields from helicopters

Intended use:
MN-111 mines are designed for remote laying of minefields from helicopters. After the mine leaves its carrier canister, its flight path is controlled by a stabilizing/braking system. After being dropped, the mine is set in ground. The mines can be dropped onto any area, except hard and deep-frozen ground. They effectively eliminate combat vehicles and other means of transport from a battle field.

The mine is equipped with a hollow charge and non-contact self-destroying electronic fuse.
The mine is triggered when under a moving vehicle, at any point of its contour, or after a pre-set self-destruction time.
It has 3 serial-acting safety stages which ensure safety both during transportation and storage, and during land mining.

Weight3,5 kg
Caliber116 mm
Height257 mm
Power supply 6,8 V
Self-destruction time3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 godz.
Penetrability 60 mm/0,5 m