This multi-purpose mine consists of a minebody, a pressureplate and a fuze.
The pressureplate and the mine body are both made of steel, the fuze is made of brass.
Three lugs are attached to the mine body, on which the pressureplate was fitted.

The 36M TAK fuze can be set for six purposes :
K(Kicsi-little)- 35kg
1- 100kg
2- 200kg
3- 300kg
N(Nagy-big)- 350kg
H(Húzásra)- this means the mine is in „pull function“.

Diameter : Pressureplate: 25,3cm Body:20,2cm
Height : 8,8cm
Weight : 3,5kilo
Filling : 1,5kg Tri2

See Tibor's page :
http://militiahungarorum.extra.hu/1920_f_k_ga_h_3.html (Hungarian language, great photos)

The adjustable shear-ring in the fuze is set in the desired setting.
When the pressureplate initiates the fuze, the striker in the fuze hits the percussion cap and sets off the detonator.
When set on "pull function", the shear-ring is not in the fuze.
After pulling out the release pin through tripwire, the striker spring drives the striker in the percussion cap.

The photo below shows a dug relic of the training version of the 36M TAK, missing the pressure-plate.
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