Érintö Repesz Akna

"Contact Fragmentation mine"

Length : 328mm
Diameter frag coil : 35mm
Diameter body : 25mm
Weight : 600gram
Filling :
100gram "Tri2"

The scanned page on the right originates from a ministery of defense publication, 1930's.

Photos © Ábris.

Description :

The mine consist of a cylindrical minebody, a fuze and a pressurecap.
The minebody made is of sheet steel and has a fragmentation coil fitted over it.
Filling of the mine is Tri2, in an aluminium tube. There is a wooden filler, under the charge.
The mine has a steel pressure cap. There are two holes on the cap, for the safety pin.
It is overall painted olive-drab.

Usage :

Before set-up the location of a mine was prepared with a steel spike, see below.
The mine was set in the ground as deep as the tripwire needed to be.
Tripwire and fuze were fitted after the mine was set in place in the ground.

Photo right , relic in 2007 :

Functioning :

To initiate the fuze, it needed a force of about 1kilo.
With that pull of the trip wire, the striker was released and penetrated the percussion cap.
The flame of the 29M percussion cap set off the detonator and the main charge.
It has a lethal radius of 10meter.

Shown on the right : a tool used to prepare the hole in the ground for the mine to fit.


The photos below show two types of fuze for the mine.
One made of bakelite and aluminium, the other is made of brass and steel.


Safety pins :