SM-70-501, SM-70-601, AND SM-70-701
These are electrically initiated, directional-fragmentation, antipersonnel (apers) landmines fired by a pull/tension-release firing/alarm device. It is believed that the mines may also be command fired. The mines are a primary component of a remote, electronically monitored and controlled, border fenceline emplaced, intrusion system network. The system network deters/detects illegal border crossings, and signals such activity by activating an alarm in a remote command center or guardpost.
The mines (support pipe, fragmentation cone, bracket arm, and firing/alarm device) are olive drab. The closing cap is black. The weather cover may be either light brown or gray plastic. The fragmentation cone may have a red band around the large end of the cone. There are no known markings on the mine.

Component Materials:
The fragmentation cone is aluminum. The closing cap and weather cover are plastic. The support pipe, support arms, and bracket arms are iron. The firing/alarm device is made of an unknown metal.

Diameter (mm):150
Weight (g):191
Explosive Weight (g):110 TNT
Frag range (m):100