Linear shaped charge :

UTN-2 , UTN-11 and UTN-600

These shaped charges are designed to create an extended cut in either steel or reinforced concrete.
The fuze well is located in the top center which also has a built-in booster charge.
Several charges are normally used to create a long cut.
The explosive is a 50/50 mixture of TNT and hexogen.

Photo right shows an UTN-2.
Photo below an UTN-2 thanks to Jarda.

UTN-2 Brian :

Length: 200mm , width: 110mm , height: 120mm.
Weight: 2.8kilo including 1.96kilo charge.
Penetration, steel: 75mm , reinf concrete: 75mm.

UTN-11 :

Length : 320 mm
Width : 200 mm
Height : 435 mm unfolded (338 folded)
Weight : 17.7 kg (+/- 0.5kg) including 10.5 kg(+/- 0.2kg) charge.
Penetration : (reinforced) concrete- 1m

UTN-600 :

Length: 100mm , width: 80mm , height: 95mm.
Weight: ?kilo including 600?gram charge.
Penetration, steel: 50mm , reinf concrete: 50mm.

Photo right thanks to Jarda.


Photos of the
CV-UTN 600 practice charge can be found here.