Protitanková drevená mina

Although this wooden antitank mine is similar in design and in operation to the various Soviet wooden box mines, it is more complex.
Wooden shear dowls at the end of the mine permit some adjustment of the actuating pressure.
Pressure on the lid shears these wooden dowls which hold the shear blocks at the end of the mine.
The fuze slot in the shear box moves down over the end of the striker, forcing out the striker retaining pin and releasing the striker starting the firing chain.
The fuze employed is the
Ro-1 or the Ro-7 II
The booster charge consists of two 200g (7oz) TNT blocks.

Height: 135mm / 175mm
Length: 320mm
width: 240mm
Weight: 8,5kilo including 5,8kilo TNT
Operating force: 200 to 450kilo.

The scan above show the mine in three ways.
Left is the safe mine with no fuzes in place, it is transported this way.
The scann in the middle shows the mine used with the
Ro-1 fuzes.
The right scan shows the mine with the
Ro-7 II fuze.