Protitanková bakelitová mina III

Text on III-model from manual:
The PT-Mi-BaIII plastic antitank mine is similar in appearance to the German World War II Tellermines
42 and 43, except that the case is made of plastic instead of metal.

It has a shear type pressure plate integral with the case.
The casing is fabricated from two bakelite moldings cemented together.
The fuze well is located centrally in the bottom of the case and is closed by a threaded cover plate.
Two lugs on the bottom of the case close the rectangular block of explosive having a threaded insert to accept the base of the fuze.

Height: 110mm
Diameter: 330mm
Diameter pressure plate : 200mm
Weight: 10,8kilo including 8kilo TNT.
Operating force: 200 to 500kilo.

Fuze : pressure type, Ro-2

Photos M. Jochoms :

Practice version Micha :

See also East German PT-Mi-Ba III.