This bounding fragmentation mine can be used as a pressure actuated mine with an Ro-8 fuze or as a trip wire actuated mine with an RO-1 fuze.
The mine is cylindrical in shape with a centrally located fuze well on top.
This well is covered by a transit cap until the mine is armed.
The body of the mine, which contains the explosive and actuating device, fits into an outer casing that contains the propellant charge.
Shrapnel, made of short pieces of steel rod, is contained between the inner and outer walls of the body.
When the propellant charge ejects from the container it has a wire attached which becomes taut when the charge is approximately 3 feet off the ground and actuates the fuze to fire the detonator.

To neutralize this mine when a pressure fuze is used, insert a safetypin and remove the fuze.
If a pull fuze is used, cut the slack trip wire and remove the fuze.
There are no secondary fuze wells in this mine.

Length w/o fuze: 125mm
Diameter: 101mm
Weight: 3.2kilo including 325gram TNT.
Blackpowder propellant.
Operating force: 3,6kilo.



Shown on the right and below, this is the Practice mine which was issued with a smoke charge.
Height w/transport screw : 151mm
Height w/o transport screw : 140mm
Diameter : 101mm
Weight : 2,4kilo

Can anyone provide a photo of the specific smoke charge?

Photos © M. Jochoms.


PP-Mi-Sr II below Micha.