Antipersonnel mine "APP M-57"

Length : 205 mm
Height : 40 mm
Width : 72 mm
Weight : 450gram
Explosive Type and Weight : 200 Gram TNT
Fuze pressure : 3kilo
Case Material : Wood
, later models were made of plastic

Info thanks to M. Jochoms.

This is a high-explosive (HE), blast, antipersonnel (APERS) landmine with a pressure-actuated firing mechanism requiring 1 kilogram of pressure to detonate. The mine is painted olive green or gray and has black markings on the top of the body. The body and cover are wood. The firing mechanism is aluminum and the detonator is copper. The weight of the mine is unknown. The cover is secured to the body by the nail hinges. They are designed to detonate when the box’s cover is opened. The Design is similar to other wooden box mines such as the Russian PMD series and German “Schu” Mine Series AP Mines. The design differs from the originals as the down force to the cover pushes the fuze away from the pin, where as the original design pressure forced the pin out of the fuze. No secondary fuzes were mentioned but, the mines have an anti-lift option for the cover as an AHD / demining countermeasure.

Images and text thanks to Patrick.