This A/P mine is a Swiss version of the German made
DM 11 A/P and Swedish Truppmina 10.
The Swiss Tretmine 59 was produced in Switzerland by LIAB, Lindesberg.
It is unknown to me who originally developed the mine.

Height : 38mm
Diameter : 84mm
Weight : 230g
Filling : 115g TNT + 1.6g Tetrylbooster
Color : olive

Photos and info © W. Schumann.

The main parts of this A/P mine are:
1. Minenkörper (contains the explosives and the firing pin)
2. Sicherungshaube (to be removed as last step in the arming process)
3. Sperrschraube (holds the spring in its down position)
4. Sprengschraube (“Fuze”)

1, 2 and 3 are together when stored and transported.
4 contains the primer, this replaces the Sperrschraube when the mine is armed.
Weight of sprengschraube : 4.3g
Filling of sprengschraube : 0.5g Tetryl + 0.2g Pb-azid/Tetrazen

20 mines were packed in a wooden box, together with 20 Sprengschrauben in 2 boxes.

The "sprengschraube" :