" Streu Mi 49 "

The main parts of the mine are:
1. Minenkörper (mine body)
2. Druckteller 49 (DkT 49) (pressure plate)
3. Druckzünder 49 (DkZ 49) (pressure fuze)

The Minenkörper has two secondary fuze wells, one on the side and one on the base. At the side for the blasting cap Nr. 8 and at the bottom for the ZugDruckZünder 49 (ZDZ 49). ZDZ 49 was used to booby-trap the mine.

Photos © Martin.

Mine: 6.4kg ( 3.6kg cast TNT; 3 Boosters: 281g TNT)

Druckteller: 523g
Zünder: 104g

Minenkörper: 92mm

Mine: 112mm

Diameter: 230 mm
Minimal activation pressure: 300kg
Color: braungrau (brown gray)


There was also a Manipulier Streu Mi 49 , as seen on the right.
This was completely inert but had the same parts as the Streu Mi 49. Color was light brown.

The Exercice fuze is shown below.

photo from unknown source