" Streu Mi 37 "

Weight :
Mine : 5.1 kg (without fuze)

Explosive : 2.85 kg Trotyl
Fuze : DkZ b (Druckzünder b): 200g

Height :
Mine body : 83mm (without fuze)
Mine : 116mm (with pressure plate)

Diameter : 270 mm

Pressure plate : 90 mm
Color : different colors /camouflaged

Photos © Martin.

"blind model" made of a live mine.

"Druckzünder b" :

Photos © Martin.


Utr Ladg 37

The full name of this device is "Übertragungsladung 37 für Minen zu Demonstrationszwecken".

It is a small additional booster which goes in place of the normal fuze.
This booster is fitted when mines are being detonated as a demonstration.
In the centre hole there is place to fit a No.8 detonator, electric or non-electric.
The red paper charge holds 30gram TNT.

Photos on the right and below © W. Schumann.