" Pz Mi 60 "

Mine: 6520g ( 6250g Trialen (70% TNT + 15% RDX + 15% Al); Booster: 37g RDX)
Druckteller: 381g
Zünder: 16g

Sprengladung: 93mm
Mine: 129mm

Diameter: 231 x 231 mm
Color: olive

The main parts of the mine are:
1. Sprengladung mit Zünderhalter (main charge with fuzeholder)
2. Druckteller 60 (pressure plate)
3. Druckzünder 60 (“Fuze”) see photo on the right.

On PRB drawings the mine is called Mine A.T.K T.S.
Producer: Poudreries Reunies de Belgique

The body of most of the Pz Mi 60 was of explosive with an inside reinforcement. Some late lots had a plastic case filled with explosives. (both versions on photos)

All photos and information © W. Schumann.

Photo on the right © Felix.
It shows another view of the live mine.

The practice version of this mine was the
Manipulier Pz Mi 60.