This Manipulier Pz Mi 60 is the training version of the PzMi60 and made of concrete with an aluminium fuze well cast in the body. It was completely inert.
Color was light brown. It was to be used with the Manipulier DKZ60, also inert.

Length : 225mm
Width : 225mm
Height : 80mm
Weigth : 7 to 8kg

Photo on the right © W. Schumann
Photos below and dimensions © M. Jochoms

Manip Dkt 60 = Manipulier Druck Teller (pressure plate)
Completely made of brass
Height : 45mm
Largest diameter : 127mm
Weight : 1kg

Manip DKZ 60 = Manipulier Druckzunder (dummy fuze)
Made of brass
Height : 57mm
Diameter : 30mm

Transport-Manipuliermine 60

For the training of the logistics people, a plastic body without fuze holder, filled with concrete, was used. It was called Transport-Manipuliermine 60.
See photo above.