500gram box mine type "R"

This wooden mine functions exactly the same as the German
Shu-mine42. It carried a 200gram charge which was ignited by an Italian version of the ZZ42, but entirely made of metal.

All photos thanks to a good Italian friend.

The mine is a "R" type ("R" is the official definition of Italian A.F.) fitted with a "R" pressure fuse. The fuze was equipped with a OTO detonator.
Dimensions (in cm LxWxH): 14x7x4
The effective range was about 5 to 10 meters and the fuze needed a pressure of about 2 to 3 kg.
The explosive charge was a block coded as 150 gr but the charge dimensions are the same than the 200 gr standard demolition charge.
The weight of an operational mine (body, charge and fuze with detonator) is 450 gram.

There was a version coded "Rm" and it could be set to be activated as a pull mine. Minor modifications allowed the fitting of a pull "Rm" fuze (a modified "R" fuze). If fitted with a "R" fuze it worked as a pressure mine.
Size and weight are the same as the "R" mine.

Both mines could be fitted with three shrapnel plates: one at each side of the charge (15 fragments each plate) and one in the front of the charge (9 fragments).

There was also a training "R" version that was charged with a smoke cartridge instead of a TNT charge.

In the 50's only the wooden version was still in use.

Information thanks to Massimo.

A second mine-model was introduced entirely made of bakelite, carrying the same fuze. Like the wooden version the mine could be fitted with three pre-fragmented sides made of steel.

The fuze for this A/P mine :

The fuze for this A/P mine :