This mine consisted of a cylindrical body with steel fragments mixed through the concrete. A 100gram Bohrpatrone was inserted in the body through the base and a ZZ35 or ZZ42 was screwed on through the hole on top. The mine was fixed onto a wooden stake which also held the bohrpatrone in place. The mine was set off by a tripwire.

Other fuzes are possible with or without the aid of an adapter. Many variations exist.

photo 1940-type Riccardo

The one I had myself :

Above, with the flatened base is the end-war model.


The photo below is taken by Riccardo as well.
It shows a stockmine as found on an Italian battlefield years ago.
It appeared that the three-way-adapter was connected to the
Bohrpatrone with the use of a special bakelite adapter.
Unfortunately no picture was made of this adapter, it got damaged after unscrewing the whole.

As this was an actual battlefield find, I should not doubt this setting, but it seems that in this construction there is not much use for the S-MiZ35 in the middle. Seems difficult to stand on when the mine is on a stake...


What about this nice variant shown below?
Does anyone have documentation on this setting?

25-04-2009 , Johan provided the ww2 b/w scan shown on the right.

Dutch drawing, scanned by M. Jochoms