Sprengpatrone Zerstör

The charges designated as "SprPatr Z" were used for demolition of guns and howitzers.
The modelnumber is named after the diameter of the explosive charge.
Each charge had a range of gun models it could be used for.

A field gun at the front would normally have a SprPatr. Z issued, so the gun could be damaged by the crew in case they had to abandon it.
All charges were made of FP02/Hexogen 50/50, and had a complete friction-delay detonating fuze.
Bohrpatrone28 was fitted in each charge as a booster.

For all of these models, training charges existed too, marked "Ex" and are made of wood.


Belowin the list : the "34", "72" and "102" can be clicked on for more photos and info.

Sprengpatrone Z Length :   Weight of charge :   Explosives netto :    
34   301mm  600gr  350gr   
48  300mm   1kg  600gr   
72   300mm  2,3kg  1,6kg   
85  400mm  4,2kg  3,2kg   
102   500mm  7,9kg  5,75kg   
120  320mm  7kg  5,2kg   
150  500mm  16,4kg  12,4kg   
200  500mm   29kg  23kg   
270  400mm  41kg  31kg   
310  450mm  52kg  37,5kg   
370  450mm  58kg  39kg   
500  450mm  90kg  56kg   

The friction time fuze assemblies were called "Sprengkapselzünder" , followed by a number indicating seconds of delay.
A complete assembly existed of a
Zündschnuranzünder39 , Zeitzündschnur , Zünderhalter and Sprengkapsel No.8
These sets were packed in a round tin which was marked "Zündmittel Spr.Patr. Z".
Tins for most types would approximately look the same.
These round tins are fitted in the wide top of the main containers.

The metal can below measures 110mm diameter and is 30mm high.
With this size it seems that it was once issued with a Z102 charge.

Photos © Gilles.

Manual for Z34 to Z120 :

On the right: example of an excercice charge, made of wood.