Text copied from TM 9-1985-2 german explosive ordnance 1953 :

Length:13inches, Diameter or width: 12inches, Depth:4.5inches, Total weight: 18pounds, Explosive: Amatol 50/50, Explosive weight: 11.5pound, Color: grey with red band on one end, Material: Wood, Pull or Pressure required: 200-400pounds, Fuze: ZZ42.

Description : The mine consists of a compartment wooden box which contains the explosive charge. A ZZ42 igniter, which rests on a supporting block, projects into explosive charge. A pressure block, immediately above the igniter, is supported by a shear flangle which is secured to the outer wall of the box by wooden dowel pins.

Operation : A pressure of 200pounds or more on the pressure block shears the dowels. Shear flangle, forced down, pushes out the pin in the ZZ42. The freed striker, driven by spring, sets off a percussion cap-detonator-booster-main charge.

The two photos below © Eric Dubant.

Below : Holzmine (left) compared to a Panzerschnellmine.