The German Sprengkörper DM-39 was used as an anti-lifting device for Antitank-mines.
It functions with the use of the DM-19 entlastungszünder (release fuze), which is incorporated in the plastic (DM-39) or cast-aluminium (DM-39A1) body. Detonator DM-11 has to be inserted before installing the device through the fuze well at the side.

DM-39 / DM-39A1
Height : 40mm
Diameter : 100mm
Weight : 480gram (DM-39A1)
Filling : 300gram TNT/RDX

Photos and info thanks to Lothar.

The DM-19 release fuze has the function to arm itself 120minutes (give or take 10minutes) after it is put into work.
A clockwork mechanism controls and shows this with the indicator on the device.
The minimun weight to be put on the DM-39 SK/DM-19 was 6kilo.
There is no safe way to remove this DM-39 other then detonating or pulling by rope.

DM-58 practice

Shown on the right is an "Üb-Sprengkörper DM-58", the training version from the DM-39 and DM-39A1.
This training mine is made of plastic.