Text copied from TM E 30-451, March 1945 :

"100 Gram cartridge (Bohrpatrone 28) There are two types of this cartridge; one in waxed paper, and one in compressed paper. Both cartridges may be marked Bohrpatr 28. identifying the cartridge, and FP02 or Gef88, identifying the explosive as TNT or picric acid".

Length: 100mm
Diameter: 29mm

A tropical version existed, made of bakelite like the 200gr charge.

In the top of each bohrpatrone, there was a threaded adapter cast in the HE-filler, to accept different types of fuzes together with the detonator. These adapters are the same as used with the Sprengkörper28.
These adapters are known in several versions, sheet steel, aluminium and bakelite.
The photo on the right shows the aluminium version.

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